About Me

My story and some more information about me.

My Story

Hi, im Synth. Im a year old, amateur and aspiring developer from the North East of England. I began my developing journey around November of 2022, making simple python scripts and in early December I created my first website, quickly followed along by many, many more simple webistes building my skills in HTML and CSS.

At this point I decided I wanted to step up my development to the next level. So I turned to javascript, spending a month or so learning it. I was then confident at creating any website from scratch. I then continued learning new skills like, AutoHotKey & Lua. I also became much stronger at my base skill, frontend development.

After this, my first large project was client work for a friend of mine. I was tasked with creating a fully responsive, photography blog website. You can find the finished product at [surf-pics.com].